• Parenting

  • Your parenting decisions have a tremendous impact on your child’s emotional and social development. Their belief systems are modeled by your example, and they will pick up moral values, discipline, and manners from what they see. It’s vital that parents give their children a healthy basis for eventual adulthood and interdependence. You have an obligation to maintain their health and safety, promote their emotional well-being, instill social skills, and prepare them intellectually. By putting appropriate effort into the relationship you create with your children, you provide opportunities for your children to relate to their environment while allowing them enough space to develop their own interests, explore their independence, and experience failure. A delicate balance of firm and loving parental involvement will best prepare your children. 

    We will work with you to connect to your kids, control your emotions, set limits, listen actively, encourage healthy emotions, avoid power struggles, show an interest in their future, communicate openly, teach self-discipline, and encourage play and flow. We aim to alleviate your concerns for your children by focusing our effort and attention on your effective parenting techniques.